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Saltwater Inshore Bi-Monthly Box

Saltwater Inshore Bi-Monthly Box

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A Quick Break Down

  • This is a Bi-monthly Subscription Box, if you want to get one box only click here
  • Each box has 3 - 7 amazing fishing products
  • $100 min value per box
  • Flat rate Shipping with tracking
  • This is a Bi-monthly Subscription Box (sent out every two months), If you subscribe and cancel before a second box is received, a cancellation fee of $10 applies. There is no cancellation fee after 2 boxes are received.
  • This Box ships out between the 3rd and 5th of 2nd month from month of order made(order before the end of previous month)
  • No lock in contract and you can cancel at anytime . Your subscription will auto renew until cancelled
  • You can change between different Bi-monthly boxes  within your account

More Details

Designed with the Saltwater Angler Fisherman in mind  but for those who do not require new fishing tackle every month.No lock in contract and you can cancel at anytime.


What's in a box?

Each box comes with 4 -7 fishing products curated by fishing product experts and contains 40% more value than you pay, so you know you are getting a great deal.

The Inshore box is quite a diverse box,  the lures in it are aimed at snapper and other reef species, up north that may be fingermark and coral trout etc and down south more snapper, salmon, tailor & jewfish. Over the course of a year, the lures included,  will cover squid imitations, 5-7 inch soft plastics, like paddle tails and jerk shads, jig heads to match the soft plastics and leader for them, Poppers when included in the 80-120mm range , stickbaits in the same range, micro jigs to 60 grams and matching terminal gear for them.

Brand names that will be featured in our boxes, will be known quality brands, such as Rapala, Chasebait, Decoy, River2Sea, Storm, TT Lures, Zman, Xesta, YGK , Damiki etc.

These products are chosen according to the seasons and other factors. i.e In summer there will be more surface offerings such as poppers, surface stickbaits etc and and In winter you would see more vibe style lures , deeper divers and Soft plastics. 

For all subscriptions there is no lock in contract and you can cancel at any time. 

Each box contains a minimum RRP$100 value of product.

There are no contracts to sign and you can cancel at anytime . 

There are no contracts to sign and you can cancel at anytime . Your subscription will auto renew until cancelled. Cancellation requests must be received 24 hours prior to renewal date. (Billing occurs on the 15th of every 2nd month)

Plans are set to automatically renew unless cancelled

This box is shipped on the 5th of every 2nd month with a deadline for subscription being the last day of the previous month. 


 Picture above of the Saltwater Inshore box is for illustrative purposes only. It is an example of the types of products you may receive. Products will vary monthly dependent on season and stock availability. Some products may be too big for a box such as swimbaits and during those months, the products will be delivered in Padded post bags. 

*Applies to subscriptions only.

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