Tackle Club Challenge

tackle club challenge

 What is the Tackle Club Challenge?

The Tackle Club Challenge is when you take your Tackle Club box out with you and catch a fish on each lure in your box (if you have leader in your box then you use that as well as the lures).

Sounds easy, but sometimes the fish don't play ball. If you think you have what it takes to do the challenge, then film yourself doing the tackle club challenge, post it to social media with #tackleclubchallenge and if you are successful in the challenge your video will be featured here on this page and you get a $75 voucher to spend on fishing tackle. (Fishing Tackle Stores may vary) 


Tackle Club Challenge Winners

Joel from Sandy Trax Fishing smashing it out the park with his July Estuary Box

Andy making it look easy with the September Estuary box.

Andy hitting his first challenge out the ball park



 Drew from Brissi smash the challenge and scored a $75 gift voucher ! 


Stuart from The Hunt for Bronze 


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